Work Status FAQS

What does the Work Status Indicator mean?

Flexies on the web site can make their availability for work known to clients by manually changing their work status. Clients can make decisions about project invitations based on these work status indicators. There are four kinds of work status notifications available:

  • Available

  • Available Soon

  • In Retention

  • Not Available

What is the difference between Work Status and Availability?

  • Work Status takes into account both your availability to take on new projects as well as your speed of response to work invitations.

  • Availability: Is the flexie looking for projects?

  • Response Speed: How quickly does the flexie respond to invitations to work on projects?

What are the work status options for a flexie?

Flexies have three options for Work Status. These indicate how quickly they respond to invitations to work on projects.

  • Right Away: You are available for more work. You will accept or decline an invitation within one hour

  • Later: You are available for more work. You will accept or decline invitations within one business day.

  • Not Looking: You are not currently available to take on more work. You are not expected to respond to an invitation.

What happens if I don’t respond to an invitation within one hour?

If you indicate you will respond to invitations within one hour or one day but our system shows you do not do this, it will affect your reputation in the marketplace for flexie talent. When clients send out work invitations and flexies don’t reply, clients get frustrated.
Your Stats on your profile indicate your typical response time to invitations. If you have not had enough work invitations for us to determine a response time, this indicator will not show on your profile.

Is replying to work invitations the same as accepting invitations?

Replying to a work invitation does not necessarily mean accepting the invitation to work. It means you have either accepted or declined the invitation to work, rather than ignored the invitation. It is also important that you let the Flexie Bench staff know about spam. If you are busy, on vacation or have other issues that prevent you from replying to invitations, let us know right away.

Can a client withdraw an invitation to work before I’ve had a chance to reply? Does this count against my response time as a flexie?

Clients can withdraw work invitations any time for many different reasons. If they withdraw the invitation in the first 24 hours, it does not count against your Response Time, even if you did not have a chance to reply.