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How it works

Create a  Profile

  • First, purchase a plan and create an account .

  • Then, complete your profile and portfolio.

  • Include your best work and all the relevant background information. This should give customers or potential collaborators a good feel for you, your work style and quality, as well as your experience/qualifications.

  • You will benefit from having a complete and compelling profile and portfolio.

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Look for opportunities in the specialist groups and live tender forums

  • Next, monitor the project boards where customers and TFB post opportunities for both individuals and other businesses 

  • Find tenders or projects that match your skill set or company profile. 

  • Sometimes, you may need to put together a team of flexies to meet the needs of the customer or opportunity.

  • You can recruit other flexies  or businesses through TFB to create this team, with you as the leader or primary contractor.

  • If you do this, you will be responsible for deciding what role each other flexie plays on the team, how the budget for the project is assigned to each other flexie, and for removing flexies from the team if they are not performing well.

Apply for Opportunities

  • When you, or you and your team, are ready to put in a bid on a job, prepare your bid carefully.

  • Make sure you meet all the qualifications the customer has posted. The customers will search for the freelance team or business they feel can provide the best service and quality in the time they need, not just for the lowest price

Working from Home

What are you waiting for start creating your profile and start earning !

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Flexible Teams

Exceptional Outcomes

The Flexie Bench allows growing businesses to scale their workforce up or down as needed.
We help prospects to secure contracts with those companies, or join virtual teams to bid and win those contracts. This concept is also used in larger consultancy firms where a "bench set" of skills is available in-house on demand, and can be rotated in or out of projects as needed.
The Flexie Bench will let smaller companies do that without the associated overhead costs of maintaining full-time staff. Employers pick from among the available freelancers with the precise skills needed for their job, without having the expense and time of hiring a full-time employee