Smart Collaborations

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Banding together and pooling resources to meet common goals is the best way we know to grow and thrive. The Flexie Bench team was designed for this purpose: developing business opportunities through the combined resources of our small business members.


With our joined strengths, our collaborative can offer solutions and services to Centrall, state and local governments and the commercial sector more efficiently than individual small businesses ever could alone. Thanks to agile, scalable small business partners working together, the Flexie Bench team facilitates new partnerships and new opportunities.

It's hard being small in a world of giants. Big businesses get bigger and push small companies out of the market because the corporate powerhouses have deep pockets, relationships with other giants, support, contacts, and access to opportunities. Small and medium-sized companies simply don’t have those things – at least not in the way we are used to thinking about how businesses usually work.

With the Flexie Bench, your small company can get a piece of the big company action. You will become part of an industry consortium that combines both large and small firms with a common purpose. Capitalize on the size of your competitors as well as your industry associates and partners. The Flexie Bench model lets members share ideas as well as benefit from one another’s collected knowledge.


There are many ways smaller companies benefit from joining the Flexie Bench.


  • Access to Research and Development: Larger companies have the staff and the funding to conduct R&D activities at will. As part of a consortium of those companies, your SME benefits from their efforts and can contribute to further efforts.
  • Branding:    Develop connections with larger name-brand companies lets your company gain from their existing branding, all while developing your business label.
  • Decision makers: Gain access to the movers and shakers at larger companies, and even form alliances with these companies – perhaps even with the founders. Learn from the sources how to grow your company and build your business.
  • Information sharing and collaboration:  Members of your industry consortium may be some of the thought leaders in your business as a whole. Learn from them, exchange knowledge, best practices, and brainstorm opportunities.
  • Knowledge expansion: See cutting-edge technologies for new industries as they emerge within your niche. Grow your knowledge and see the future for your business.
  • Market expansion:  Business consortiums involve more than just pooling your efforts to build your current business. Often, new products are created, and partnerships within the industry come into being. Associations and partners are found, and with them, the opportunity to expand your business vertically and internationally. The possibilities are vast, and not readily available within the boundaries of your traditional market segment. Networking and joining forces allows your small business access to this amazing asset.
  • Marketing to new companies: By meeting new business partners and member companies in the industry, your company also gains access to potential new clients, as well as new knowledge of your market and market trends.
  • Networking: Networking is the number one way to expand business and sales. Joining a business consortium like Flexie Bench multiplies the power of networking by bringing together highly knowledgeable, motivated people who understand how business is based on exchanging support for one another. When the association meets, smaller companies can connect with some of the most relevant, noteworthy companies in their niche as well as in other industries. The world’s best networking event is at hand.
  • Product creation:  Gain the opportunity to partner with your Flexie Bench association members and co-brand or co-create new products. Collaborate with new partners to offer new solutions that join multiple companies’ offerings in new ways. Drive innovation, create more and build faster with the power of joining.
  • Short-term arrangements:   The Flexie Bench collaborations let several firms in the same industry or even different industries, countries or sectors pool their resources to take on large projects which benefit all members of the group. The consortium can last for whatever period needed to accomplish the project.