How It Works


The customers who use Flexie Bench are mostly small and medium-sized businesses. Staffing is a problem for them as they compete against larger corporations. Most SMEs cannot keep staff on hand to handle large projects, whereas large companies have the resources to do this. Flexie Bench brings together the best freelancers with small and medium sized businesses to create teams as needed, without companies having to carry staff between project times. Here is how the Flexie Bench system works for companies, or Clients. It’s very easy – a lot like shopping on an auction website!

Sign up & select your membership

  • Create your company User Profile.

  • Include information about your business, including the company culture.

  • This will help flexies – our freelancers- know more about you and decide whether they want to bid on jobs you post.

Post a project or search for a Flexie

  • Next, create a Work Request form in order to start a project.

  • This form asks you to describe the project you need help with, the budget and the timeline to complete the project.

  • Give details about what you need from the flexies you hire.

  • Your company can also set tasks inside the project, as well as milestone deadlines for those tasks.

Select your Flexie or Team

  • The Work Order will be posted to the Job Board, where flexies looking for work can see it and send you a bid to work.

  • You can also browse our available flexies to try and create your own team.

  • Often, flexies will collaborate, form their own teams, and submit bids as teams.

  • Flexie Bench helps businesses by screening our flexies before we allow them to be a part of Flexie Bench, and also as part of helping you find the best flexies for your job.

  • Examine the credentials of the flexies you find as well as those of the flexies who send you bids.

  • When you have selected the flexie or team you want for your project, click “Finalise Team” to set the team.

  • Be sure to let the flexies you have not chosen know that you have decided not to accept their offer at this time.

Manage project in your virtual office

  • Your chosen flexie team gets their own virtual work space on Flexie Bench.

  • You also have access to this space.

  • The team can receive and send files and digital assets, all securely.

  • You and the team can share real-time feedback, and use Messages or Text to communicate on our Mobile app.

Your project is delivered

  • At the end of the project, the flexies have met all your milestones and objectives.

  • You, the customer, will review the work and ensure it meets your approval.

  • Once you approve the project and mark it complete, Flexie Bench releases the final escrowed payment to your team of flexies, and the team is disbanded.

Pay securely

  • Customers fund their Work Orders through Flexie Bench.

  • We hold the funds in escrow, to make sure flexies do their jobs according to their milestones.

  • As milestones are met and the work is approved by each customer, Flexie Bench releases that proportion of the payment to the flexies.

  • At the end of the project, the receive the balance of their pay only upon your approval.

  • You only pay for work you you are satisfied with.


Be Happy

  • At the end of the project, the customer gets to rate the performance of the flexie team and the individual flexies.

  • You have gotten the work you needed, complete and on time, with no pesky overhead or other expenses.


Flexies, or freelancers, utilize the Flexie Bench much like eBay in reverse. Simply put, a customer posts a job on Flexie Bench, and the flexie bids to be hired to complete the project. The “winning” flexie gets the job. At the end of the job, the customer releases payment to the flexie. It’s just about that simple.


Sign up & select your membership

  • Sign up to be a flexie on Flexie Bench.

  • Create a free account and complete your profile and portfolio.

  • Include your best work in the portfolio, and put all your relevant information in your profile.

  • You want to let potential customers know what you can accomplish, your style and the quality of your work as well as your qualifications.

Search for a project

  • Monitor the project boards, which is where clients post work requests seeking help from flexies.

  • Look for jobs that match your skills.

  • If a job requires a team of flexies to meet all of the customer’s needs, you can recruit other flexies to work under you as part of a team.

  • You would be the lead flexie on this team, and the flexie responsible for putting in the bid and for managing the other flexies working on the project.

  • If a job is posted that matches your qualifications, prepare a bid proposal for the client.

  • Include your qualifications and those of your fellow flexies on your team, benchmarks for key completion dates, you rate, and how you will accomplish each step.

Bid for a project  

  • Customers will review the bids they receive, and they will also actively seek out flexies that appear to meet their needs for the posted job.

  • They will not necessarily select the flexie or team with the lowest bid price.

  • Customers want service and quality.

  • For this reason, make sure you respond promptly to any invitations you receive from clients regarding a work opportunity.

Manage project in your virtual office

  • If you or your team is selected for the project, all the flexies involved get to share a virtual workplace.
  • Here, you all can collaborate on the project, communicate via text or messages, and see your milestones and measure your progress.
  • The lead flexie stays in contact with the client, as well, to address any concerns.
  • By the way, flexies should know that the client cannot remove a flexie from a team once the team is finalised.
  • Only the lead flexie of a team has the authority to do that.
  • If a flexie has to be removed from the team, their share of the budget will be divided among the remaining team members at the next milestone payment.

Deliver your project

  • Throughout the project, your flexie team will deliver the project to the client at the specified milestone points.

  • The customer will approve the work to that point, and release the payment for the flexies for that milestone.

Get Paid

  • At the completion of the project, the client reviews the entire body of work submitted and approves it if it meets their needs.

  • When they mark it as “complete,” Flexie Bench releases the escrowed payment to the flexie team.

  • It is distributed in the manner outlined in the original flexie team agreement.

  • Flexie Bench sends payments to freelancers in over 170 countries.

Be Happy

  • At the end of the project, the customer rates the flexies.

  • Hopefully, if the work was done to the client’s specifications, the flexies will receive positive feedback for their profile.

  • The more positive feedback a flexie has on their profile, the more work they are likely to get.

  • Potential customers read these assessments and put a pot of stock into the opinions of other customers.