The Team

Meet the Flexie Bench – Small Businesses’ Secret Weapon to Competing with the Giants
Helping Start-Ups and Small Companies Join Forces Through a Virtual Global Community and Open Up Lucrative Opportunities for All

Imagine being able to scale up and down your business according to your changing needs in order to secure profitable contracts with growing companies, or even join a virtual team of the best experts in the market to help your business bid and win those contracts.


Sounds Interesting?

Well, now you can!


Thanks to the Flexie Bench, a revolutionising virtual platform created to help small companies, start-ups and individuals join their forces, you can now complete with major corporations and experience unprecedented growth!

We're not challenging an existing market. We're devising a new one.
The Flexie Bench was designed to help small and medium companies and individuals create their own space in a crowded marketplace and leverage their unique resources to achieve a competitive advantage over larger enterprises in ways that was never possible before!
By bringing the unique creativity and advantages of start-ups and small businesses together (such as speed, relationships with customers and trust), we can create an environment where companies have the chance to work together to accelerate success for everyone involved.
The result? A win-win situation, where everyone can grow!

How It Works For Support

By implementing bullet-proof strategies like speed, differentiation and social media marketing, as well as offering a treasure-trove of valuable resources for enterprises, the Flexie Bench can help small businesses overcome the fear of competition and actually stand up against the giants.

In this way, the right set of skills, suited to your particular project will be easily available to you on demand both online and onsite to help you achieve your goals, saving you from the associated overhead expenses!

The Team

We envisioned a virtual global community working together to build and strengthen each other’s companies, so that everyone can grow.
Our size and agility makes us strong, but we have other challenges that make it difficult for us to compete – and this is where The Flexie Bench comes in.

Our Model

We will help growing prospects to:


Bring teams and individuals together

Disrupt the contracting and tender market by facilitating small business and other small businesses to join together to compete.

Facilitate those unable to attend traditional working environments to utilise their skills and expertise online.

Provide an income generation platform for those who have struggled to get back to work.

Find and secure contracts with larger organisations.

Join up to create a virtual team to bid and win larger contracts.

Build confidence and skill to go up against a larger competitors

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