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What Do The Badges Mean ?

What I Offer

Trust is an important of the success of TFB , our badges are awarded based on both feedback from members you do business with and quality checks undertaken by TFB

Trusted Business

Trusted businesses on TFB are businesses active and operating using flexies consistently and have been part of a consortium with favourable feedback

Trusted Flexie

A Trusted Flexie is a member  with favourable reviews and may have taken part in our retention programme.Their involvement consist of over 3 projects in which performance has been valued consistently

Ready For Business

Businesses which are ready for Flexies to apply for immediate work and ready to collaborate with other businesses


Flexie is a member of TFB who is active and ready to work

Consortium Member

This is your Skill Description. Use this space to provide details about your skill and how it contributes to your overall work as a freelancer. Include relevant information such as certifications or examples of how you’ve used this skill for past projects. Include a photo or video to create extra engagement and add richness to your description.


A entry level Flexie is a member who is a beginner or new starter into freelancing , entry level doesn't mean they are less qualified , it often involves a member venturing into freelancing from a normal 9-5


Our expert freelancers with a lot of experience and history in freelancing and project delivery successfully


Mid-level is a Flexie who has some experience in freelancing , they are the equivalent to a supervisor.

Senior or executive-level.

Experienced project leads and qualified to do any task given our , senior & executive level Flexies are top in their respected fields often with extensive years of experience