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Bidding Ends:Apr 07 2019
Posted:Mar 28 2019
Posted: 1 year ago
Retained Period: Apr 12 2019 - Apr 20 2019
  • United Kingdom
  • Duration - 3 to 6 months
  • £25,000.00
  • Category - Project Management
  • Sub Category - Project Lead
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Project Description

We are preparing a bid for a community project, we are therefore looking for a project manager based in the UK. 

The PMS(Project Mamagement Support) will coordinate the technical, community, governance and other project workstreams to ensure high quality deliverables that inform Board decisions and for sharing with the community as appropriate.  You will need to understand the activities planned in the different workstreams and share information across the project to benefit individual activities with knowledge or insights from other areas of the project. For example, community engagement activities could gather energy bill data that will inform the financial model that sits under the technical workstream. 

You must have strong communication skills and the confidence to work with a wide range of residents as well as key stakeholders. The expectation is the role will be approximately 2 days a week on average for four months (with some flexibility on the end of date). It will include evening and weekend work and a strong presence in the community (a minimum of ½ day a week) to help you understand residents and build their trust in you and the project. Building trust is important - you must quickly understand the project and be able to communicate its benefits whilst also understand the complexity and challenges. Previous experience delivering complex community projects is desirable. You must establish yourself as a central point of contact for the project, be familiar with excel spreadsheets, and have a good grasp of the financing of projects and critical project paths.   

The expectation is that the current phase of work will be successful and that the project will continue beyond 4 months but this is not guaranteed. One of the tasks included in the scope below is to develop and submit an application for further funding  and it is expected that further PMS will be required. 

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